The Bison Arms collaborates with See Creatures owner and designer Daniel Walters



LUNA Creative meets with See Creatures owner and designer Daniel Walters to talk about his part in The Bison Arms Pub project.  Just arrived from rainy San Francisco to rainy Brighton, Daniel is a passionate designer who has worked with a wide range of brands from Paperchase to The North Face.



Tell us about yourself


I started my business a year ago when I moved to Brighton. Essentially my job is pattern design.  Patterns for clothing, stationary and anything that can have a pattern printed on it. I also do design work such as the logo and font design for Bison Beer including their bottles and cans. I also work internationally with different labels.  I’ve just got back from 2 weeks in the states: New York, LA and San Francisco.

Bison Beer

What makes you unique?


What I do is trend based so I need to continuously innovate.  I have to keep it fresh but at the same time maintain consistency and continuity.



“I like stationery and I like sushi.”


Why Brighton?


The scene here is a lot more open than I thought it would be. I came from Winchester where there were a lot of design agencies but no one knew each other. In Brighton people like getting other people involved in new projects and I like how open it is. The Bison Arms is a good thing because it is designed to be so non-cliquey.  It will be the kind of place where you can go and meet super cool and inspiring people.  It is about sharing knowledge with each other.



What is your involvement with the project?


I met these guys just as I was starting up my business  I wanted to work locally and be involved in the local art scene as well as taking on international projects. An old friend put me in touch with the guys at Bison Beer.  We got on really well.  We’ve done live events and generally tried to keep it exciting. I hope to be involved in the design of the pub itself, maybe working with local artists and having a space to curate and display art work.



Why is this project unique?


The collaboration with local people is really exciting and the location is amazing. I’m just enjoying being out of my comfort zone and trying new stuff.  I really like taking on projects that I have no idea where they are going to take me, I have met so many cool people. Bringing all these creative minds together can’t be a bad thing.


Written by Oliver Paterson of
Photography by Lauren Joy Kennett



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