The Bison Arms and Blindside Brewing – Partners in Beer



Luna Creative interviews the owners of Blindside Brewing on their recent collaboration with The Bison Arms.

What makes Blindside Brewing unique?

One of our first experiences with craft beer was in America. Whilst there we got introduced to Dog Fish Head Brewing, they were using ingredients like maple syrup and raisins! This was mind blowing to us because we were used to knocking back British Bests.

This style of experimental craft beer brewing heavily influenced us and the direction of Blindside. Every beer has to be different. For example the last beer we brewed was a double IPA with pumpkin, and maple syrup as a primer.

The most important thing is to create awesome, original beers that people enjoy drinking.

Why Brighton?

We’ve lived here for so long and it’s such an experimental, collaborative place. Where better to try something different?

Why support the Bison Arms?

It’s a collaboration of everything that’s Brighton. The Bison Arms is creating a platform for local brewers, food providers and artists to showcase their talents to the local community.


So refreshing to see a business that’s got creativity and the local community as its main driver.

I think the question to ask yourself is “would I rather have The Bison Arms or a Burger King?” To us the answer is obvious.

Why should people invest in the Bison Arms?

 For beer lovers the return on investment is having a locally founded pub with a unique selection of great tasting beer.


From an altruistic perspective the reason to invest in The Bison Arms is simple; a business that makes decisions on the basis of what’s good for the people of Brighton.

What role will Blindside Brewing play in the Bison Arms?

We’ll be providing some of the beer!

Our most recent creation was brewed in collaboration with Bison Beer and Naked Beer Co. It’s a tasty coconut IPA called Sticks & Stones. We trialled it at the Stand Up for the Bison Arms Comedy Night and it got a very good response.

Sticks & Stones will definitely be our first beer in The Bison Arms.



Interview by LUNA Creative and photography by Lauren Joy Kennett


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